Keeping a Journal

I was listening to a podcast this afternoon and took note when the interviewee, writer Patricia Bosworth, spoke about the importance of keeping a journal. I hear this often, from writers and non-writers alike. Like much of the practical and proven good advice we receive in life, things like cutting down on carbs and alcohol, and exercising regularly, I know that I should do those things, but implementation and habit often curtail my best intentions.

Walking and listening to the podcast, I laughed because I had just left Goodwill where I bought not one but four (!!!) journals. I couldn’t help myself, they were brand-new and only $0.99/ea! Admiring their newness as I assessed them in the stationery aisle, I suspected they, too, were good intentions or long-ago resolutions of their original purchasers — the donors who gifted them to Goodwill. That, or the donors were the unfortunate recipients of gifts that had missed their mark.

This blog serves as a journal of sorts, I suppose, and though it’s evolved to be less about Airbnb because I am no longer an active host, I debate what to do with this site. As a copywriter with a penchant for naming and buying clever URLs, I’ve considered packing up this space, putting up the Vacancy sign, and trucking over as an anonymous writer to one of my numerous other domains.

But, I admit that it is fun to see the site’s visitor traffic from around the world. Hello, there! The design students who are fascinated with my story board photo at the Airbnb Open at the company’s headquarters, and the hosts who want to learn how to be Airbnb Superhosts. My consulting page is also immensely popular. Clearly my readers find me via helpful guides, like the lovely Amy of the Abundant Host, who I have had the pleasure of meeting when she visited Seattle.

Given the current political climate and facing the prospect of the next four years and beyond, I suspect if I keep this space active it may evolve to a place for thoughts on how we can be decent in a cultural climate that often feels anything but. We’ll see. Until then, the theme of this week is love.

My old-school “RS RSS Roll” rocking my thoughts this week, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

  • A podcast: “The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships”   :: Alain de Botton wrote the most-read New York Times article of 2016, Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person; complement both of these with a Lit Up podcast interview he gave one week after writing the article. I dig his thoughts on “psychological relationships” and how we can and should learn to be better partners and lovers.
  • Photo: Fellas, when you’re courting a woman, don’t do what Donald did.
  • Film: INN SÆI – “The Sea Within” :: A new film, available on Netflix. If you liked the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? you will probably like this film. Featuring the indomitable Marina Abramovic and insight into ways to tap into the gift of our innate intuition to teach children humanity, to be kinder to our Earth, and not isolate ourselves from the people all around us.
  • If you like what the film is throwing down about our interconnectedness, the fascinating highways of connection that abound all around us, you may want to check out the book, The Hidden Life of Trees.

Wherever this post finds you, thanks for dropping by!




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