Coming Up for Air

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Hello, Dear Reader~

It seems like forever since I have written in this space. In reality, I think it’s been six months or so. Apart from the¬†too-easy answer of “I’ve been busy,” is the more honest answer: “I haven’t felt like it.”

I wrote my book to share glimpses of the people who had graced my doorstep while I navigated the scary but life-changing experience of opening my home to strangers via Airbnb. In the wake of my book coming out in July of 2014, several people contacted me inquiring about me helping them set up their own Airbnb businesses. I discovered the desperation that was sometimes motivating them to open their homes also meant their pocketbooks were lacking as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people and that’s why I price my book affordably and share free tips on here, but I am a busy writer who runs an immensely demanding home business. When someone asks for personalized help to start their own potentially lucrative business, my services are not offered for the sake of charity. My expertise is shared to put food on my table and eventually a successful host’s table if they do it right. But not everyone sees it that way, and I grew wary of the demands generated from this site.

My summer was filled with hundreds of guests in and out of my home. For the first time in two years, I didn’t have interns, so the turnover rate was astounding–and twice as lucrative. I didn’t interact with many of them since I’d entered into a new romantic relationship which took me out of my house and away from the daily demands of conversation and playing tour guide with my guests.

So many of you have wondered and asked me about my romantic relationships and why I didn’t talk about them in the book. Why? Because I didn’t want it to distract from the story. I also didn’t date anyone the first year I was living in my new house and setting up my Airbnb business. This was a conscious decision I made so I could focus on work. I also didn’t want to foist an unsuspecting gentleman into a chaotic home situation that even I had not come to grips with myself. My hope was that whomever I eventually met would be tolerant and appreciative of my living situation and would look forward to meeting people in my home and sharing the experience with me. Sadly, that was not the case…

My relationship this past summer was a bit of a summer fling in the sense that it began a few days after Memorial Day and ended a few days after Labor Day. Part of the friction in our relationship was him not wanting to spend time at my home and interact with people. It was disappointed that he was unwilling to step outside his comfort zone and make my life easier by coming to me instead of me always driving twenty minutes to his place, but I got it. It was exactly what I feared when I set up this unusual home-life situation and it was my worst-case scenario come true. It made me sad and at times angry that he didn’t appreciate this very big aspect of my life–one that motivated me to even write a book about it–but I endeavored to honor his perspective as an introvert.

In the wake of our breakup, I see that his inability to accept my living situation was just one more reason as to why we were not compatible. For those of you reading who are single and considering hosting on Airbnb, this is certainly something to consider and address early on with potential partners. I wish you luck. May your person be more understanding and accommodating than my former person. =) This facet of relationship is certainly something I will navigate more mindfully with future partners. As long as I am host, this is my way of life, and if someone can’t see this and appreciate it, it might be a deal-breaker.

It feels nice to come up for air and say hello to all of you on the site. This is a little peek into my life now. I am working on another book and have been busy with copywriting projects for small business and a recent project for a big’un named after a rainforest. There are so many things I learned in the house this past summer, and I can’t wait to share them sometime soon.

Thank you for being here.



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