Closed for Business, Open for Connection


Hello Readers~

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I thought it was time to update the folks who still find me on this site via my book and a handy Google search for Airbnb hosting tips. I’m not currently hosting and in February moved into a 1-bedroom place across town.

After years of hosting and meeting hundreds of people from six continents, it was time for a little break. The 199 5-star reviews attest to a packed three years.

Friends and strangers continue to ask me if I miss being a host. Though I miss meeting new people, I don’t miss the everyday demands of keeping the house impeccably clean, the bagels stocked, and the TP rolls filled. I liken my three years hosting on Airbnb to an epoch familiar to any artist or creative person. There’s a season for everything. Picasso had his blue period. Airbnb was my time to open my door, heart, and mind to strangers while gaining my footing in a new career.

If you’re reading this because you’re considering hosting, I urge you to try it. For a month, a year, or until you tire of it. I promise the experience will change you.

Apart from the question I get most often now: “Do you miss hosting?” the second most commonly asked question is, “Did you ever have a bad experience in three years?” The answer is no. Sorry to be so dull, but it’s honest. People are generally nice, decent, and curious. Inside most of us is a longing to connect, and Airbnb makes it easy to do so in an intimate setting, apart from the guardedness we generally feel in public spaces.

I’m still available via email if people have questions about hosting or want to interview me for their podcasts or articles. It’s an honor for me to serve as an example and sounding board for others curious about hosting and Airbnb.

Thanks for reading. Don’t be a stranger.