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Pillow: Startups Seek to Support Hosts

Sweet Dreams

Yesterday I attended a talk sponsored by Pillow, one of the new San Francisco-based startups seeking to support hosts and guests in the vacation rental economy. In January the company raised $2.65M in seed funding.

Seattle is a new market for Pillow; they currently operate only in select California cities. I attended the event with little knowledge about the company, beyond what I’d gleaned from a few Facebook posts. Charlie Ryan, Head of Sales for Pillow, was the lead speaker for the event. Unfortunately, he did not give us much background about the company, and it wasn’t until I queried him afterward that I learned Pillow has only been around for 18 months.

It appears part of their hiring campaign in new markets involves working with area real estate agents to tap into owners of second homes or help buyers looking to purchase properties expressly to put them into the vacation rental fray.

Pillow: The Pros

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