Reeling from a devastating breakup and shouldering her way through the recession with the rest of the world, Rochelle learned about the home-sharing site The then-startup (now valued in the billions), is a place where hosts offer lodging to strangers—everything from castles to Airstream trailers—for a fee.

Hosting on Airbnb gave Rochelle a financial lifeline while her freelance career got off the ground and was the perfect distraction from her romantic woes. Instead of pulling the covers over her head and disappearing, she forged a new life for herself—happily fluffing pillows and sharing stories with people from all corners of the world. As the economy and her finances recovered, so did her heart.

The book chronicles Rochelle’s first year as a host, from April of 2013 to April of 2014. With wit and wisdom, Rochelle shares her fears, her successes, and most importantly—a glimpse into the lives of her guests.

Rochelle’s practical advice covers everything you need to know about setting yourself up as a host, with seasoned insight into the mechanics and joys of hosting—tips like what sheets to buy, how to screen potential guests, and how to stash your booze away from thirsty strangers.

A must-read for anyone curious about what it takes to navigate the home-sharing economy, Letting People In is a wonderfully honest story about life, love, friendship…and a lot of laundry.

You can read a sample of Letting People In here, or purchase a copy here.

Rochelle Short

Rochelle Short is a writer, editor, and social media consultant. She lives in Seattle, Washington, and is working on her second book of essays. 

There are so many facets to this—love, loss, desire, travel, well contained and smoothly delivered! If you're not a traveler before you've picked it up, you are after putting it down.” –J.M.

I read it in one sitting; couldn't put it down. I have no words to express how much I love this book.” –Carla V.